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Who should submit financial statements in iXBRL format with HMRC?

Criteria for companies required to file financial statements in iXBRL and exemptions. why file in iXBRL

Statutory Requirement

The statutory accounts filed along with the company tax returns need to be in iXBRL format if they are required to be prepared under any of the following legislation:

  • individual accounts required to be prepared under Chapter 4 of Part 15 of the Companies Act 2006
  • Building Societies Act 1986
  • Friendly and Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1968
  • Friendly Societies Act 1992
  • Insurance Accounts Directive (Miscellaneous Insurance Undertakings) Regulations 2008

In addition, overseas companies resident in the UK must deliver the accounts required by a notice to deliver a return in iXBRL.

Also a company not resident in the UK, but carrying on a trade in the UK through a permanent establishment, branch or agency in the UK, must deliver any trading and profit and loss account and any balance sheet of the UK establishment, branch or agency required as part of its return in iXBRL format.

In other circumstances, accounts can be sent as either iXBRL or PDF files.