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06 April 2018

What is XBRL/iXBRL?

XBRL involves the application of computer-readable tags to business data. This enables the data to be processed automatically by software, ...

23 March 2018

What are the benefits of iXBRL?

The introduction of XBRL tags enables automated processing of business information by computer software,...

05 May 2018

Scope of tagging

The accounts sent with your return need to be in iXBRL format if they are required to be prepared under any of the following legislation...

16 June 2018

UK iXBRL - Taxonomies

The taxonomies (or dictionaries) currently used for filing to HMRC and Companies House are...

05 July 2018

iXBRL reporting - how it impacts your business

Companies creating accounts or computations through manual processes - Large companies

16 July 2018

Presentation of reports in iXBRL

The human readable presentation of reports in iXBRL is entirely in the hands of preparers.

6 Augest 2018

Checking iXBRL reports

Companies are responsible for ensuring that their reports are correctly tagged as well as correct from an accounting perspective..

03 September 2018

Company responsibilities for iXBRL filing

It is a company’s responsibility to ensure that it adequately complies with requirements for filing in iXBRL..

09 October 2018

Creating iXBRL reports - the basic principles

The conversion of reports in ‘native’ format, such as Word or Excel, into iXBRL involves matching the data..

05 November 2018

How is iXBRL being used in the UK

The legislation means that most companies must file their Company Tax Returns, including financial accounts and computations..