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ESMA ESEF Reporting - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Need ESEF Reporting Solution?

We do xHTML conversion, iXBRL tagging and filing with ESMA.

No Software or ESEF expertise required.

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Whether you are a corporate communications agency preparing corporate annual
reports for your clients or a company preparing your annual reports in-house,
we assist you to convert the documents to ESEF (xHTML/iXBRL) for ESMA reporting.

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How To Convert Annual Reports to ESEF

A simple and secure online process to convert your annual reports to ESEF (xHTML / iXBRL format) complying with ESMA reporting requirements .

1. Sign In

to create your account online and manage ESEF files

2. Pay and Upload

necessary documents in Excel, Word or PDF format

3. Download

ESEF package when ready within turnaround time and review

4. Submit

annual report to ESMA. We assist you in filing.

Pricing for ESEF Reporting Solution

Our pricing for ESEF Reporting solution is sensible, simple and transparent. It is based on effort depending on the number of pages to be converted to ESEF format. No software needed to install or learn. No iXBRL expertise required.

ESEF Reporting Services

to convert annual reports to xHTML / iXBRL for ESMA filing

10 days turnaround time


up to 100 pages

ESEF Reporting Services

to convert annual reports to xHTML / iXBRL for ESMA filing

10 days turnaround time


for 101 to 200 pages

ESEF Reporting Services

to convert annual reports to xHTML / iXBRL for ESMA filing

10 days turnaround time


more than 200 pages

Why FinTags


Our iXBRL experts are skilled in preparing reports for different accounting standards such as UK-FRS, EU-IFRS and UK-GAAP. Each reviewer of iXBRL report is experienced in preparing minimum 500 iXBRL reports of different types

Accuracy of Reports

Our service process has in-built preparer-checker verification and random audits to ensure that the final iXBRL reports are accurate and meets our customer’s expectations. Our process are certified for ISO Quality Standards

Customer Delight

Our goal is to ensure our customers are happy with our services and will not hesitate to use our services again or refer us to their network of contacts. In the rare instance you are not delighted with our services, we refund fully.No questions asked.

Data Security

FinTags adheres to regulations related to secure handling of data. All data are hosted in a secure server based in UK. We also audit our process periodically for information security and are certified with ISO and are GDPR compliant

Flexible Process

We understand that sometimes our customers would need the report within a few hours or sometimes it could be planned few weeks ahead. Our delivery model is flexible to meet these requirements

Competitive Pricing

We focus on keeping our iXBRL tagging quality high and cost of customer acquisition low by constantly reviewing our process. This allows us to maintain our pricing competitive and our financial health robust

All About ESEF Reporting | Article Series Part 1

What is ESEF Reporting

ESEF stands for European Single Electronic Format. It is a format of reporting annual financial statements that will be enforced by the European Stocks and Markets Agency (ESMA).

According to European Transparency Directive (ETD) this format will be mandatory to use for all Annual Financial Reports beginning 1st of January 2020.

The RTS on ESEF will apply to all issuers subject to the requirements contained in the Transparency Directive to make public AFRs.

All About ESEF Reporting | Article Series Part 2

What are the requirements of ESEF Reporting

The ESEF requires that:

  • All AFRs shall be prepared in XHTML, which is human readable and can be opened with any standard web browsers;
  • In addition, companies preparing their consolidated AFRs under IFRS (or an equivalent GAAP) will need to include iXBRL tagging using the IASB’s taxonomy
  • The XBRL ‘tags’ shall be embedded in the XHTML document using the Inline XBRL technology, which allows the benefits of XBRL tagged data to be combined with the human readable presentation of AFRs;

All About ESEF Reporting | Article Series Part 3

Who should submit annual reports in ESEF

Any company listed on a regulated UK or European exchange with securities (includes both shares and bonds), regardless of whether their registered office is in the EU or in a third country, will be required to conform to ESEF and file its annual financial report (AFR) in xHTML. Additionally, if the entity prepares IFRS consolidated financial statements then it is required to tag the primary financial statements in accordance with the IFRS taxonomy using iXBRL format.

Currently, the ESEF impacts only the main-market-listed companies and does not cover the alternative- investment-markets (AIM) listed companies.

All About ESEF Reporting | Article Series Part 4

What is the scope of iXBRL tagging

In its first year, the mandate for iXBRL tagging of financial statements is limited to primary statements namely income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows and statement of changes in equity and shall be marked up in detail. So, in 2021, a company has to submit these four financial statements in iXBRL format.

From the following year, the scope of tagging expands including Notes to Accounts. Notes will need to be marked up by applying mark-ups for whole sections of the notes (block tagging).The tagging of numbers within the Notes is voluntary.

To help companies in their preparation of ESEF, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has prepared an ESEF Reporting Manual and ESEF taxonomy files. More information is available here.

All About ESEF Reporting | Article Series Part 5

What should be submitted for ESEF Reporting

Listed companies now have to fine balance the art of preparing their annual reports to effectively communicate important performance information to all stakeholders while at the same time complying with the new regulation requirements. As it always happens, there is no one-size-fits-all answer and each listed corporate need to look internally the resources available and decide their best option

The online ESEF pack filed through the OAM will need to consist of the following attachments:

  • Annual Financial Report in XHTML;
  • Statutory financial statements of the legal entity in iXBRL (using right taxonomy);

All About ESEF Reporting | Article Series Part 6

What are available ESEF Reporting Solutions

Companies have multiple options to consider when it comes to preparing their ESEF reports. The best option will depend on the resources available in house.

  • If you have in-house expertise then you can install a customized software package which incorporates the appropriate taxonomy and allows tagging of data elements against the taxonomy.
  • If you prefer an expert’s help then you could consider outsourcing ESEF report production altogether to experts like FinTags.

    We receive your existing annual financial report in formats such as Word or PDF format and send you ESEF package with experts-tagged iXBRL files after quality check and successful test filing with ESMA.

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